DyNAbind and OMass Therapeutics enter collaboration agreement


April 17, 2019

DyNAbind and OMass Therapeutics enter collaboration agreement

Dresden, Germany, 16.04.2019 – DyNAbind GmbH and OMass Therapeutics have entered a collaboration for the discovery of new fragment- and small molecule-based drug candidates. DyNAbind is working closely with OMass to target classically difficult integral membrane proteins.

Michael Thompson, Ph.D, co-founder and CEO of DyNAbind, said: “Integral membrane proteins have always been exciting drug targets, but presented a number of challenges for running a discovery program. Our Dynamic DNA-Encoded Library technologies were designed to boost signal-to-noise ratio and provide a more reliable path to relevant starting points for medicinal chemistry, even for ‘difficult’ proteins. We’re looking forward to working with OMass on this promising project.”

Ali Jazayeri, Ph.D, Chief Scientific Officer, OMass Therapeutics said: “This exciting collaboration offers an opportunity to deploy the very latest advances in DNA-encoded library technologies to discover hits to challenging membrane proteins. This represents an example of how we are seeking out cutting-edge technologies to strengthen our structural mass spectrometry based platform capabilities.”

Financial terms of the collaboration agreement were not disclosed.

About DyNAbind

DyNAbind GmbH is a privately held company based in Dresden, Germany, offering a next-generation platform of DNA-Encoded Library (DEL) technologies for drug discovery and optimization. DyNAbind’s founders have years of experience in developing and working with DEL technologies, which has driven the development of the novel Dynamic Library platform. By specifically tuning a DNA architecture for transient interactions, fragment molecules in the library dynamically self-assemble and rearrange themselves into ideal binding structures, offering dramatically improved signal-to-noise ratios and reduced false positive hit rates. Follow-up quantitative hit validation can begin without the need for hit resynthesis, allowing meaningful results to arrive in days instead of months.

Our entire team at DyNAbind is dedicated to working with our partners to develop and implement the most effective discovery and optimization programs for any drug target. Whether your program is coming from the pharma, biotech or academic sector, we’re motivated to help you find the best path to higher-quality, more relevant medicinal chemistry starting points.

About OMass Therapeutics

OMass Therapeutics is a private biopharmaceutical company, focused on structural mass spectrometry to discover novel medicines. The company uses its suite of proprietary technologies based on high-resolution mass spectrometry to study intact protein assemblies. The technology enables detection of drug leads that not only bind to the target complex, but also exert a functional effect through modulating complex formation. These methods are being applied to drug discovery for a variety of complex targets, including membrane receptors, addressing severe unmet medical needs. OMass is backed by Syncona Ltd and Oxford Sciences Innovation. For further information please visit the Company’s website at: www.omass.com

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