Meet Our New Board Members: Diana Bernstein


August 3, 2022

Meet Our New Board Members: Diana Bernstein

In this new series, we are introducing the new additions to the OMass Board of Directors following our latest round of financing. The aim is to learn a bit more about our new board members and why they were excited to join OMass’s journey.

Diana is currently a Vice President at Northpond Ventures. Previously, Diana was a senior associate at MRL Ventures fund, the corporate venture fund of Merck & Co, investing in early-stage human therapeutics companies. Prior to that, she was an Associate at Flagship Pioneering, leading projects to conceive and build platform-based therapeutics companies.

What attracted you to OMass initially?

I was initially attracted to OMass by the specialized native mass spec approach to solve a major unmet need in drug discovery – simultaneously testing both drug function and drug binding in a single experiment. I was also very impressed with how OMass has demonstrated the utility of this technique in exciting targets that have historically been challenging to drug.

What makes OMass unique?

OMass is a unique group of technology-enabled problem solvers. When I visited the company recently, I was amazed going into the lab and seeing all the instruments that have been customized to answer different scientific questions. To me, this speaks to a culture of curiosity, creativity, and unlimited boundaries.

What excites you most about the company over the next couple of years?

Over the next couple of years, I’m tremendously excited to see all the exciting technology OMass has built translate into a drug that will be ready to test in patients!

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

This summer I visited the Amalfi Coast and Sardinia and it was the best trip I’ve ever been on! See photo of me in Amalfi, and happy to share recommendations.


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