Meet Our New Board Members: Scott Biller


June 16, 2022

Meet Our New Board Members: Scott Biller

In this new series, we are introducing the new additions to the OMass Board of Directors following our latest round of financing. The aim is to learn a bit more about our new board members and why they were excited to join OMass’s journey.

Scott Biller is currently an Executive Venture Partner at GV. He was previously the CSO of Agios, where he led the efforts to discover three approved medicines (TIBSOVO®, IDHIFA® and PYRUKYND®). Prior to that, Scott held various R&D leadership roles at Novartis and BMS.


What attracted you to OMass initially?

I found the platform technology based on native-MS to be highly enabling and scientifically compelling. The ability to study protein targets in a test tube in a way that closely mimics the way they look and behave in living cells is extremely powerful and has the potential to lead to novel drugs with new mechanisms of action.

What makes OMass unique?

The most unique and compelling aspect of OMass is the superb scientific team that has been assembled. The technology platform and program portfolio are very promising, but it is the superb team that will drive future success.

What excites you most about the company over the next couple of years?

The aspect that excites me most is bringing therapeutic concepts to realization and clinical testing in patients, with the goal of relieving human disease and suffering. OMass has the potential to move several clinical candidates into human evaluation over the next few years and that is extremely exciting.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

I grew up in New York City a short walk from a beautiful beach on the Atlantic Ocean. Many people do not realize that New York City is more than Manhattan skyscrapers, and that there is a wonderful mix of urbanity and nature (picture below).

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